Poster designed for Absolut Vodka competition. 

"Villainous" cover design

Interior 4-panel brochure for Bogo's Bounce House. Logo designed personally.

Exterior brochure panels for Bogo's Bounce House.

Cover design concept for Frank Herbert's "Dune", screen print on paper.

Cover art for Fat Sister's "Logan" single

"Logan" mock-up

Digital poster design.

Poster design done for Alec Sullivan's Spring concert.

Screen print on paper.

"Azteka" Digital poster design.

Horatio & Sons door flyer.

Door flyer mock-up.

Design done for the Tecate Tall Boys, screen print on paper.

"Whackapulco" Digital Poster Design.

Album cover for Fat Sister's "The Redemption"

Album cover mock-up

Logo design for Mad Cat Theatre Company.

"T'CHOO" Digital design.

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